Is a license (certification) required to be a private investigator?

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There are a number of people who try to become private investigators without any form of licensing by simply taking on cases themselves. Whether a private investigator is an ex law enforcement official, regular citizen or good Samaritan, in order to work for a private investigation agency or to officially take on cases as a true private investigator a person must obtain appropriate private investigator training and getting official private investigator license.


Different state laws will required different types of training and licensing and various agencies will ask for different types of qualifications and private investigator licenses as well. Some types of private investigation agencies will require a college degree for a private investigator to be hired on for their service. Established agencies will also only hire experienced private investigators or ex-law enforcement officials because of their proven results. Experienced in long-standing agencies will have a reputation to maintain and they will rarely risk it in order to hire on a new employee that has just received their private investigator training.

While private investigator training is required legally for most all agencies it is wise to check into individual requirements so that you can be assured of a position. Private investigator training is also absolutely required if you are interested in starting your own business. You may find it extremely difficult to find clients or to take out a business or personal loan to develop an office or marketing to get your name out there.

As you can see private investigator training and receiving a private investigator license is required in order to be successful in the business. Without these items you may be able to grab the odd case but you certainly will not be able to make a living out of your work as a private investigator.

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